What will Brannan Law offer you? 



It is our commitment to provide quality and comprehensive legal services to our clients. Whether your matter is a transaction with an anticipated and specific end result, or a litigation file with an unforeseeable resolution, you can ensure that our team of professionals will see your concerns through. 

As legal fees at larger firms steadily increase, Brannan Law is committed to offering excellent service for a reasonable fee. Our small-firm model also ensures that each individual matter receives the full consideration and attention it requires.



The team at Brannan Law is comprised of lawyers and legal professionals with decades of experience, or intermediate legal education. We take pride in our educational and experiential backgrounds; however, our biggest asset is how well we identify with our clients on a personal basis. 

We take your concerns very seriously because we are a small firm of lawyers and staff who understand the weight legal processes have on individual clients, budding corporations, and small business owners.

Please see the “Our Team” page to learn more about the professionals at the firm.

a diverse range of legal services

Our team offers the following legal services

  • Wills & Estates
  • Real Estate 
  • Mortgage Enforcement
  • Document and Contract Review
  • Business Law
  • Litigation (Civil, Corporate/Commercial)
  • Notarization and Commissioning Oaths
  • Independent Legal Advice